maximize your protectionwith Venley's Safety Face Shield

Transparent Double Sided Anti-Fog Full Face Protection

As seen on NBC News
  • multi protection

    protects from saliva, droplets, and debris to the facial area

  • reusable

    wash or clean with alcohol wipes and use again!

  • anti-fog

    Super clear anti-fog PVC plastic

  • Smart design

    Adjustable elastic one size fits all design

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(Pack of 2 shields)

About the product

The full cover face shield is made with the best quality and standards, trusted by medical centers and hospitals across the country. Providing protection against potential contamination through sneezing, coughing, airborne bugs, and harmful chemical splashes. You’ll see a lot of people at hospitals, workplaces, airplanes, and large crowds entrust their protection within these masks. Designed for comprehensive protection to cover the full facial area( nose, mouth, eyes). Its double-sided anti-fog offers excellent optical effects for maximum visibility.
Size: 13 X 7 In
Material: PET + Sponge

  • Specifically designed to protect from saliva, droplets, and debris to the facial area.
  • Made of super clear transparent, anti-fog, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic.
  • Covers from mid forehead all the way down to below the chin area.
  • The reusable visor can be easily washed with water or alcohol wipes.
  • Fixed spectacle frames can be worn with thin frame glasses.

Why is it important to wear a face shield?

multi protection

The wrap-around face shield covers your face to a maximum by protecting the facial areas from the top to bottom. The shield conceals your eyes and face from saliva, droplets, sprays, splatters, ultraviolet rays, wind, pollen, aerosols, and flying debris.

Anti-fog & Durable

Clear material, made with super transparent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight. Durable and practical.

Smart Design

The one size fits all design is raised to hold the shield away from the face allowing room for glasses. The shield is made using material made with super transparent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) we provide maximum visibility to help prevent fog from covering your sight.

Easy Reusable

The visor can be easily cleaned with hot water however we do recommend wiping the visor surface with alcohol disinfectants. Not only do we promote convenience by promoting reusable products, but we also focus on making the world a better eco-friendly place.

One Size Fits All

Adjustable elastic and it is suitable for adults. Due to its convince, it can also be worn with thin frame glasses because of the special designed spectacles.


Elastic headband, suitable for different sizes of head


Soft sponge, breathable and comfortable


High quality PET material makes your vision clearer


2 pieces
savier package


Available in
three colors

Our customers love it!


5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

I loved this face shield! Such a great price for 3 shields. They were very easy to assemble and look great. They do not fog up even after being used in the hot Florida heat. Very lightweight, I forget that I am even wearing them most of the time. Buy these you won't regret it!

John S.

5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

I can breath! I have had a really hard time wearing masks all day at work especially in the heat. I hope these are not putting me at more risk than a mask, but I have to say they are like having nothing on. Very freeing!

Amber Franks

5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Great Fits comfortably, is clear and easy to see through, and just works


5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Clear protection and perfect for glasses wearers. I love this for sitting at my office desk all day. I’m 6 feet away from people but I want extra protection Incase of sneezes in the room and others who walk up to my desk. It’s great. I wear glasses and I wore it for a week over my glasses. But it looks silly. So I MacGyver’d these to remove the clip from the provided frames and slip onto my prescription lenses. More than once I have forgotten I was wearing this and proceeded to shove my lunch or beverage into the shield! It’s super clear and comfortable. And I my city the ordinance allows for shields as face coverings so it’s the best of both worlds. Protection and I can breathe all day and no lame strap on my forehead! And finally everyone that sees me in them ask where I got it. It looks that good!

Ashley Richards

5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Very Breathable I have trouble wearing masks all day at work because it becomes very hard to breathe. This helps give comfortable protection when I need a bit of a break from my mask. I almost forget I am wearing it at times!


5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Face shield are clear and really nice size. These are smaller than other shields we purchased and work better for our primary use which is wearing it while playing indoor court sports. And customer service is exceptional.. on our first order there was confusion based on Amazon description of how many masks we’d receive. I contacted seller and they immediately rectified the situation.


5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Comfortable glasses and they also fit my children well. I like the fact this came with 5 pairs of glasses. The shield doesn't fully wrap around an adult face, but it's good enough and can be worn with eyeglasses. I mostly wanted something my children could wear. They will wear these and the shield actually covers their face well. Shields and glasses are easy to sanitize. I've read some other reviews on other products where people complained that the shield was opaque. Just want to remind others that the shields have a protective film that covers the front and back. These need to be peeled off prior to use.

About VenleyPPE

Venley PPE’s mission is to provide the highest grade of coronavirus prevention supplies in the most efficient amount of time. Something we noticed at the start of our founding was that PPE supplies were difficult to find and even harder to arrive on time. We asked ourselves: Why should someone have to worry about their face masks or face shields arriving on time? For this reason, we have dedicated our time to not only providing top quality PPE products but also offering top quality service with overnight and next day shipping options. This way, you do not have to wait to feel safe and protected.

Our Fulfillment Process

With a warehouse of over 20,000 Sq.Ft. and a fulfillment team of over 25 employees we’ve grown to offer an optimal and efficient shipping experience. We have also developed strong relationships with shipping carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, to offer Venley PPE customers the fastest shipping rates available during these times of urgency.

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